Container Drivers

I’ve just got hold of The Fall Peel Sessions. Surely we can figure out what a container driver is…

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  1. Hank Says:

    I have always had an image of someone driving a vehicle (cursor) through
    a data structure (container), following a sequence/stream of directions

    A reasonable notion of cursor is a one-hole context (amputree) paired
    with the thing there (the amputated tree). Well, actually that’s the
    *state* of a cursor; the thing itself eats directions (or Yorkie bars?),
    and changes state.

    Hm. Not quite there yet. In OS parlance, a driver presents a standardised
    interface to some low level gadget. It is, roughly speaking, a simulation.

  2. Hank Says:

    To record an outcome of an afternoon with Dr. McBride:

    Let Cur(F) = (X * List((d(F)) X) where X = nu(F))
    [ This is the type of cursors in a nuF object. d(F) is the derivative of F.]

    There is a function inwards : Cur F -> F(Cur F)
    which moves the cursor one position down, by one direction.

    So there is a apomorphism from Cur(F) to nu(F). Is this an isomorphism?

    It does not seem to matter if the thing the cursor is in is infinite.
    All that matters is that equality between positions be decidable
    (which seems to be the case in all sensible examples.)

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