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Next meeting

The university of Strathclyde in Glasgow will be hosting the next Fun In The Afternoon event on Wednesday the 24th of November. The event is combined with the Scottish Programming Languages Seminar. Everyone is welcome!


The location will be Livingstone Tower, 26 Richmond Street, Glasgow. Talks will be in the seminar room LT14.15. Coffee and Lunch arrangements will be confirmed shortly.

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10.00-11.30Arrival, coffee, chat
11.30-12.00Paul Cockshott (Glasgow)
Lino and the SCC
12.00-12.30Jamie Gabbay (Heriot-Watt)
To be announced
12.30-14.00Lunch (I'm trying to score us some catering)
14.00-14.30Satnam Singh (Microsoft Research)
Data Parallel Programming for GPUs and FPGAs in Haskell
14.30-15.00Patrick Maier (Heriot-Watt)
Seq No More: Better Strategies for Parallel Haskell
15.00-15.30Coffe break
15.30-16.00Robin Green (Swansea)
Beyond Laziness
16.00-16.30Ohad Kammar (Edinburgh)
Take action for your state
16.30-17.00Coffee break
17.00-17.30Iain McGinniss (Glasgow)
Typestate Languages: A Comparison
17.30-18.00James Cheney (Edinburgh)
To be announced
18.00-18.45Pub (not far from the department)
19.00-?Dinner (Chinese, not far from either station)

Conor says

If you have not already done so, please let me know if you are coming and if you want to stay for dinner. At some point, I will need to book, and they tend to want a number. If you have dietary restrictions, please let me know: I'll try to expedite matters by ordering "some food", but it helps to know how that should break down.

Once again, if you are thinking of getting the Caledonian Sleeper to Glasgow on the Tuesday night, please let me know (and tell me if you are willing to be contacted by other Sleeper travellers): I shall endeavour to meet you when your train arrives and conduct you to a place of coffee and breakfast (dietary information would also help here).

I'm expecting that some people will arrive on Tuesday and be up for food and drink. Let me know if you want to hook up.