TFP06 Registration

To register for TFP06 please fill out your details below. The flat rate for registration will be 300GBP plus 135GBP for three nights accomodation. The flat rate includes, lunch, tea and coffee, wireless internet access, the conference dinner and professionally produced pre and post proceedings. The on-campus accommodation is for three nights 18 - 21 April. This is 45GBP per night, includes breakfast and dinner, and is thus a very good deal. It is estimated that TFP will finish by lunchtime on Friday the 21st, which should give most participants a chance to travel back home that day. If you have other accommodation needs, please get in touch with us. (Note that the pricing structure for Types 06 is different as they expect people to stay on campus. Their 75GBP per night includes the day delegate fees, i.e. lunch etc. We have included the day delegate fees in the conference price.)

You will be able to pay by bank transfer or cheques, bank details will be on the next page, after you submit.

Registrations after the 17th of March will incur an extra 50GBP late registration fee

Contact Details:
Please indicate below if you require accomodation at the university, this will be provided at a cost of 135GBP for the 18th, 19th and 20th of April. We expect participants to stay for 3 nights, if you wish to stay for a different period please contact the organisers. Note that talks will be running all day for the first two days, and for a half day on the third.
Types Co-registration options:
As part of this registration you will be able to attend any talks run by the co-located TYPES2006 conference. If you wish to extend your accomodation and registration to include the extra TYPES2006 conference days, please indicate below:
Extra accomodation/conference day 17/04/2006
Extra accomodation/conference day 21/04/2006
Please indicate below whether you will pay the registration fee by bank transfer or cheque, the relevant details will then be given on the next page
by Bank Transfer
by Cheque
Special Requirements:
Please indicate below if there are any special requirements (dietary or otherwise) that the organisers need to be aware of